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Tsiolkovsky Spacecraft Model

A model of the Tsiolkovky-inspired spaceship that would take humans to the Moon in the 1936 Soviet movie, Cosmic Voyage.

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Tuskegee Airmen and Bombers

The Tuskegee Airmen were to go into combat in B-25 bombers, but the war ended before that happened.

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Two of the World Cruisers anchored in the chaotic harbor of Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China, was a frenzy of junks and other small vessels that made flight operations dangerous.

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U.S. Navy Lt. David Rittenhouse and his Curtiss CR-3 racer

The U.S. Navy's victory in the 1923 Schneider competition stunned the European aeronautical community.

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V-2 Rocket

The world's first operational ballistic missile: the V-2

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Vought O2U-2 Corsairs

Marine aviators flew from U.S. Navy carriers throughout the 1930s.

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Wright Model B

The Model B was the first Wright airplane offered for sale to potential buyers.

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